New Year
Best You Toolkit

The new year is here, and we all have one thing on our minds… A FRESH START and a reason to kick all of our 2021 fitness goals! Get yourself ready for a year of feeling confident, looking great and being the best version of you!

The NEW YEAR BEST YOU Toolkit is going to take you from confused and overwhelmed to EDUCATED and EMPOWERED. You are going to be handed everything you need to start taking action and seeing results.

Don’t get this toolkit confused with another ‘new year challenge’. This toolkit is a completely comprehensive guide to taking control of your food, physique and your mindset.

Are you ready for massive change and a year of kicking your fitness goals?

Macro Course & Meal Guide

Learn how to eat food to achieve your weight loss goals!

Yep, you heard that right. Eating food CAN lead to weight loss. This macro course will teach you everything you need to know about macro tracking to achieve your fitness goals. From learning the basics of macros, to how to track for success, you will learn the fundamentals of macro tracking and how you can eat protein, carbs and fat to get you to your goals.

Also included:

Tried & Tested Training Program

Ever wanted to achieve that Kim K hourglass shape? This is the roadmap to your goals!

Step into the gym feeling confident and ready to build your STRENGTH and your glutes 🍑. This program is designed for women want to increase their strength and tone their body!

This is not a quick fix program. This program will change your body composition and how you look and feel in your body!

Also included:

Weekly Diary to Track Your Progress

The key to weight loss success is tracking your progress. While the scales will tell you how much you weigh, there’s so much valuable information in other forms of measurements, such as an increase in weights in the gym, how many more reps you’re able to complete week to week, and how successfully you are tracking your food.

There are so many different ways to record and celebrate your progress, and the included training and food diaries will help to keep you on track!

Also included:


Sustainable Weight Loss

Finally start your weight loss journey without sacrificing your happiness!

Toned and Sculpted Body

Feel empowered in your newly toned and strong body.

Achieve a Healthy Diet

Learn how to eat to fuel your body.

Lifestyle Balance

Feel the freedom of a healthy lifestyle balance.

Proven results.

Real women. Real results. Check out these amazing results.

Hi, I’m Becylu!

And I’m going to be your health and fitness bestie for the next 12 weeks.

A couple of years ago, I was exactly where you were. I had no idea how to train to get to my goals and if you had asked me if I had tracked my macros I would’ve responded with, “what’s a… macro?”.

Fast forward to now. I’m a professional bikini model, a certified personal trainer, an online coach and a master of macros. I’ve completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science and majored in Exercise/Sport Studies. And I’ve committed myself to a life of helping people learn how to achieve a healthy lifestyle balance through training and nutrition.

My goal is to help you achieve your goals.

The approach I teach my clients is the same method I learnt.

My system is simple, yet effective.

Not easy, but worth it.

Let me help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Want to know what you can achieve in just 12 weeks?

Exceed your expectations and achieve your goals with the New Year, Best You Toolkit.



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